Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guess who's back. Back again.

Over three idyllic weeks in Northern California, four torturous days at a conference in Hong Kong mainlining coffee to ward off jet lag, and then two near-comatose days in my apartment unfit for interaction with anyone else beyond the Destructo-Cats and finally, I'm back.  
Great vacations bring all sorts of new things. In my case, this included cool stuff like shoes, restaurants and designer glasses. Unfortunately, there was also the not so cool stuff, such as realizing I now need reading glasses (hence the new Chanels to help me get over the fact that I now need reading glasses), pounds gained from just LOOKING at that damn burrata, and taking close to a week to get over post-vacation jet lag. 

I am, as they say, no longer a spring chicken.  Which is okay, I guess, because at least now, among other things, I've at least learned how to cook a spring chicken.  
And so, dear readers, since I'm not quite over the jet lag yet (I know, I know. No. Spring. Chicken.), I'm afraid you won't get much in this post beyond this Eminem song video. Because believe it or not, this is one of those extremely rare occasions when an Eminem song is actually appropriate.  
On the bright side, however, I did come away with a fresh reserve of love and strength borne of time spent w/ my brilliantly nutty but amazing family and friends. There's also a lingering feeling of calm and contentment induced by sunny skies, gentle breezes, and wide freeways flanked by majestic reservoirs and mountains while inhabited by civilized drivers. 
Best of all, I'm fairly busting at the seams with inspiration and excitement about the future, because a great vacation will do that to ya. And I'm looking forward to sharing all that inspiration and excitement with all of you in posts to come. Because Real Girl's back (in her Toy Kitchen). Back again. Oh, and tell a friend. 

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