Monday, January 14, 2013

My Snake-y Reiki Heart

Three friends and a (dzi) bracelet

On my desk lay my newly acquired stash of amulets, charms and crystals for the upcoming year of the Water Snake.  Three miniature animals to represent my allies. Actually, there was a fourth secret friend, but he cost extra, so I decided three amigos were just fine, thank you. A wind horse figurine. A wind horse key chain in such a bright shade of gold, I felt like Mr. T. An equally gold mirror for my purse that ensured all lipstick would be applied in the ladies' room from here on out and  an even bigger one for my home that virtually guaranteed me a spot on MTV Cribs.

You do realize that I'm judging you right now, don't you?" said Denise, she of Roast Chicken, Toy Kitchen fame to my dozen or so loyal readers, as she put her shades on to gaze at my blindingly bright loot. "Although, not as much as I normally would, because..." she said with a dramatic pause before reaching into her shirt to pull a pink stone out of her bra.

The boob crystal turned out to be rose quartz, given to her by a close friend who also happened to be a Reiki healer. I'd never actually tried Reiki and was a little skeptical. But given that Den's own hard-nosed skepticism made me look like I clap for Tinker Bell, I decided to give it a go and asked for her friend's number. She also reads cards if you want her to, Denise added.

When Bel came over that evening, I raised an eyebrow ever so slightly.  This little wisp of a thing, this whippersnapper, this infant, would heal my chi and clean my chakras? Really?  But the girl radiated so much warmth, happiness and sincerity that it was impossible not to like her. Off a Reiki-ing we would go then, I decided.

After the treatment, she gave me her assessment. "You're very expressive, which makes people think you're open," she said. "But that's misleading, because when it comes to your emotions or anything deeply personal, you shut down."

My Mr. T wind horse keychain. "I pity the foo..." who messes with me!

After a more detailed assessment that I won't go into here (Because yes, I shut down, all right? Are you happy?), she gave me some great advice.  "Having negative or ugly emotions doesn't make you a negative or ugly person," she said.  "It just makes you human. In fact, it's constantly denying or suppressing your emotions that ultimately wreak havoc on your chakras and well-being."

The card reading was extremely interesting, too, except for a couple of hairy moments when she pointed to a card with a drawing of a smiling girl astride an animal.

"See that? See how happy she looks?  That could be you. "

"She doesn't look like she has a lot of money, does she?" I said. "She's riding an awfully small horse."

Bel smiled and said gently, "That's because it's not a horse. It's a goat."

I was horrified. "A goat? You're saying I won't even have enough money for a horse, I have to ride a goat???"

It's a wonder she didn't have to stop to clean her own chakras.

Mirror, mirrors on the wall (and in my bag). Oh, and meet my new wind horse. His name is "I am NOT a goat."

Goats aside, though, the experience was pretty positive.  I felt strangely light immediately and even several days after.  I also felt strangely weepy.  In tears after an episode of Newsroom? Probably PMS.  Choking back sobs during Top Chef?  Hmmm. Even for hormonal me, that was a little weird.

But it's all good. And it's not just the Reiki, either.  I think it's going around, and I'm chalking it up to the year of the Snake, which they say is a year of transformations and shedding skins.  And I believe it.

Which is why this year, I'll work on acknowledging my emotions no matter how unsettling they may be. I'll also learn to figure out the stuff that drives me batty and how to change it.  To wit, check out my new fridge, which arrives in a couple of days. Woohoo!  No more folding bacon into intricate origami shapes to fit it into my freezer.  On the downside, though, no excuse to eat half of it at breakfast, either.

Come to mama, my beautiful little (not-so) baby fridge!

Speaking of which, this year, I'm focusing on making and eating quality food that I truly enjoy, food that nourishes both body and soul. Sure beats mindlessly and frantically  shoving Cheetos, chocolate and emotions into your mouth and your body by the handful.

Oh, and I think I'll start getting my chakras cleaned on a regular basis, too.

What are you shedding this year?

Edit:  Check out these other great ways to detoxify on one of my favorite blogs, Fab After 40.


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! I plan to shed 20 pounds, if that counts. :) I want to try this Reiki lady!

    p.s. The goat really made me LOL. :D

  2. It ALL counts! I'll send you Bel's number. She's awesome.