Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving: The Recap

I know, I know, and I'm sorry. It does seem rather unfair that I counted all the way down to Thanksgiving Eve and then...nothing. In my defense, I plead food coma, exhaustion, a spotty Internet connection and the flu.

I broke the cardinal rule of entertaining by trying out a bunch of brand-new recipes on my guests, but despite a few culinary fumbles, it was a great night all around with much to be thankful for:

1) Friends (NOT the TV show). Incredibly gifted friends who are not only generous with their time and talent, but also believe I can do anything.

2) Friends (the TV show). Come to think of it, I'm pretty thankful for that, too.  Remember Rachel's English trifle? Classic.

3) My immersion blender. Particularly essential when your counter space is the size of a postage stamp.  Also, liquefying is fun.

4) Guardian angels.  I've either got one that works major overtime or a bunch of them working shifts.  They push me out of the way of oncoming traffic I obliviously (and regularly) walk into, get me out of the trouble my faster-than-my-brain mouth routinely (and regularly) lands me in, and send signs my way when I'm lost and trying to figure out which way to go (which is often).

5) Thanksgiving. What's not to love?  No gifts required. Just a holiday that's dedicated to family, friends, food and being thankful for everything that's good in your life. And that's a lot.
Best. Holiday. EVER.



Making truffled popcorn. "You mean popcorn doesn't all come from a bag?"

We forgot to take photos of the pumpkin soup...

And the cranberry-orange relish.
Mutant chicken in the oven...

Goat cheese with a fig-olive tapenade.
Giving thanks for a perfectly cooked Thanksgiving turkey chicken.

Sautéed haricot verts and red bell pepper with pine nuts.

Bread stuffing with sausage, dried cherries and pecans.

Creamy "smashed" potatoes. That's what you call them when you don't have a potato masher.

Fred Flintstone called. He wants his brontosaurus leg back.

Remains of the day. 

Thanksgiving 2012: A "family" photo.


  1. I didn't know there was a "cardinal rule" for entertaining! I always break it! Hehehe. Your sides look so yum! I cooked my annual turkey as well this weekend for my friend's thanksgiving dinner(last year's thanksgiving was my turkey debut and I was a vegan already when I made it. So it was all the more impressive when they found out that I didn't even taste anything I made. haha). I just followed Raul's turkey secret and it worked like a charm. :P

    p.s. Love your blog! I'll be dropping by again soon. :D

  2. Hey, Stef! It's supposed to be a lot less stressful if you make stuff you've made before and are comfortable making. I've never actually made Thanksgiving dinner before, though, so except for the potatoes and the veggies, everything else was a first. That's awesome that you can make something without tasting! You need to share Raul's secret with me. :) Thanks so much, happy to see you here!

  3. Wow your photos are really improving!

  4. Thanks, Anonymous, but as much as I'd like to think so, truth is I had a little help. But if you are who I think you are, you probably already knew that, didn't you? ;)