Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve!!! T minus 1...

Update: Somebody just shared this photo on Facebook. So wrong and yet so hilarious.

Today, I finished making my pumpkin soup but didn't get a chance to make anything else. But I did manage to find cranberries and all the other stuff I needed for tomorrow, and I'm all set.

So today, I'm thankful for:

1) Santi's and Lirio:  Sourcing ingredients can be a real challenge here in the Philippines, but Santi's really helps me to not feel too deprived by the fact that there are no Trader Joe's, Whole Foods or City Super stores here in Manila.  Goat cheese, nutmeg and yes, cranberries--Santi's ever-comforting manager Lirio dug them all up for me and then assured me that my Thanksgiving dinner would turn out just fine.

2) The newly renovated San Antonio Shopping Center: Unparalleled in terms of convenience and proximity, the old neighborhood shopping center with its extremely limited parking could be a real pain, especially when there was a Mass going on at the church right across it.  And the renovation, which seemed to take forever, made parking downright impossible.  Now that it's finally done, though I  can come visit Lirio at Santi's and Reynold, my favorite produce guy, at Rustan's Supermarket any time I like, even if there's a wedding going on (a small one!).

3) Lawry's Seasoned Salt: I was skeptical at first, but The Pioneer Woman, who extolled its virtues at length, was absolutely right.  A couple of sprinkles of this stuff did amazing things to my soup.

3) Inagiku's aburi sushi: A buttery slice of white fish so delicate that after it melts in your mouth and slides down your throat, you wonder if you just imagined the whole thing.

5) My job: I've always thought it was important to love what you do, and I'm fortunate enough to have found that.  I've loved the work, I've met some amazing people (some of whom I had lunch with today) and I've learned so much.  Had a lot of fun, too.  I'm one lucky girl.

Only one more night! I'm so excited, I could burst.  Part of me is wishing I just went ahead and ordered a pre-cooked turkey, but what the hell.

I've got a huuuuuge chicken defrosting in the fridge, and if it isn't perfect, well, then, that's why God invented gravy. And dessert. And wine. And I'm awfully thankful for that (specially the wine).

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone!

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